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With more than ten radio stations jostling in the airwaves of Delhi, it becomes imperative to know which station is trending highest at which point of the day. Whether you choose Radio Mirchi, Red FM, Radio City or AIR FM Rainbow, mediabuyings@delhi is there at your service. It doesn’t matter if you want to advertise with a government-owned radio station or a private player; we provide you the best rates in airtime buying, jingles creation, and strategy planning. Our experts tell you which radio station will garner you most audience and when. We are avowed to the cause of making radio advertising a pleasant experience for our clients in Delhi.

Radio, as we know, is the most traditional and effective medium of advertisement catering to all segments and age groups of people. We know which stations to place your radio ads on and at what timings. Depending on the positioning of your product, we market your product on air at the most opportune time and place. Our radio networking is huge and we cater to markets pan India by selection of an appropriate radio station in a particular city or state.

Types of Radio Advertisements

There are four major types of radio advertising, namely, straight commercials, dialogue commercials, dramatized commercials and integrated commercials.

  • A straight commercial is one that uses sound effects to arrest and hold the attention of listeners describing the product’s features and merits.
  • A dialogue commercial is a kind of testimonial advertising. The advertisement message is conveyed by presenting a the film star, a sports person, or any V.I.P.
  • A dramatized commercial is one where a ‘problem situation’ is dramatized and the product is introduced as a solution to the problem. Humour is used in such dramatization to keep the listeners interested.
  • An Integrated commercial is one where a film star or a player or a V.I.P or even the user of product conducts the programme.

Advantages of Radio Advertising

  • The advertiser can broadcast any number of commercials at time slots he feels as the most appropriate.
  • Listening to the radio is still popular, especially in rural India where not all households own television. Hence, it has wider coverage.
  • Radio advertising is understood even by illiterate persons.
  • Advertisements are presented as a story or as a song to make them more interesting.
  • Transistors are mobile in nature. That is, they can be carried and heard outdoors too. So, an advertiser could consider this advantage and advertise in radio.